I’ve written thousands of words,
marked these pages,
wept over the ink flowing from my pen,
poured my heart out,
all for you.

Yet you’ve moved on,
your heart captured by another
left me standing still in time,
longing for you, as the day I first met you
and basked in your warm eyes.

Denied all the feelings I had for you
until it was too late,
and time had passed on by,
as they say,
ships crossing in the night,
I missed your loving embrace
and it’s all my fault

My stubbornness,
my fearful heart, and terrified body
scared to love,
fearing the end;
scared you’ll leave
like all others did.

I am trying, best that I can,
yet it’s too late,
you’ve gone;
anchors up, you’ve left the shore,
standing tall, I wave goodbye
with a soft sad smile upon my lips;
I’ll love you still,
the best way I know,

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