As the stars twinkle
the birds settle for the night,
while the storm gently rattles my old
fashioned window panes;
still I lie here,
silent as the dark night,
while you dance through my mind
over, and over and over again.

I watch as you grasp my hand
touch my cheek,
caress my lips with your own
whisper in my ear
hug me close.

You’re whirling through my head
over, and over and over,
I can’t close my eyes for peace
you’re there; stronger than ever.
I can’t cast you away
you follow me, into the depths
of my restless dreams.

I can’t breathe, for
thoughts get stuck in my throat
words I was afraid to utter,
feelings I was too cowardly to share
trap me, holding me down;
it’s getting too much.

Every dream I had,
the many desires I held down
struggled with my longing
and let it simmer beneath the surface
my smiles, my jokes, a fa├žade;
protecting myself
from these reckless, wild desires
I have for you.

I can’t breathe, can’t think
it’s bubbling beneath the surface
and slowly I’m falling apart
wishing for it to be under your touch;
as you take me with you
over beautifully magic hills
to the heavens and beyond.

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