You’re the person I think about first, when I wake up.

You’re the person I think about when something small happens.

You’re the person I think about, and yearn to talk to, when something important happens.

It’s you; the person I dream of, imagine, and think of sharing my life with.

You’re the person I talk about, talk to, think about, and think of.

You’re the person, whose day I wonder about.

You’re the person whose happiness I consider; health I worry about, and life I want to be part of.


You’re my best friend, the person I call, the person I think of, the person I share my life with.
You’re the person I’m in love with.
The person I want to share my future life with, big things, and small things.

You’re the person I’ve tried to work my life around.

You’re the person I need, the person I want.

And today I found myself without you;

for the first time I need my best friend and today

you’re not going to be here for me, and help me over the hurt I feel

because I’m heartbroken over you;

how do I cope with losing my love, and my best friend, all in one blow?

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