I’ve got this silly smile it’s tickling at my lips I try to quieten it compress my lips behave. But I’ve got this bubble inside and my lips are my weakness they’re creeping into a smile a silly, school-girl smile that’s bursting to beam from side to side. My lips, they’re twitching a tickling, school-girl […]

Hello, familiar feeling

Hello you, my old familiar friend you’re old enough that I don’t remember quite who you are and then it hits me Slowly, subtly, but slowly I remember, your familiar feeling it’s sinking in slowly, I’m slipping you’re tempting me in I’m sinking in, slipping slowly into your cluthes hello, familiar feeling I remember you […]

You Surprise Me

You surprise me with every moment of laughter the cheeky glint in your eyes pouting smiles and exuberant gestures you surprise me. Your surprising care quiet moments of calmness thoughtful eyes and a gentle touch Your surprising skill dancing fingers on the piano melting music, to drift away on You surprise me with your cheeky […]