My mind is like a movie, replaying the moment, again over and over again I’m scared I’ll wear it out forget fragments, and turn it from a colourful memory to a faded, near black and white movie almost as if it were someone else Someone else who danced with you, locked eyes with yours, and […]

Wildfire Desire

We’re dancing around one another grazing hands, skimming touches fleeting smiles, longing looks, hidden by half closed eyelashes, slow, steady gazes deep sighs, rippling through our bodies fluttering heartbeats excitement burns deep Teasing, playful conversations with wistful glances a burning desire for a caress temptation, laced with uncertainty desire plays like wildfire toying with these […]


The shadows pulled me in, swept me away, swallowed me whole; fragile but fighting I stood tall defied the odds, and built myself up. With courage, I opened my heart slowly your warmness dragged me back from the shadows that pulled me in, your voice brought me closer nearer to the clearing; your steadiness gave […]