I’d write long lost love letters, send my thoughts to you through pen and paper, ink my thoughts forever more condemn myself, to you with a hopefulness of young love… I’d embrace you, if I thought you’d capture me whole; and never let go, but I am afraid, fearful of failing, scared of the let […]

Lost to You

I didn’t see it didn’t hear it, never thought it should have though… You’ve crept up on me, taken me whole, loved me, top to toe entirely as I am you’ve loved me whole. I resisted; one hundred reasons and more I struggled against you fought the tide, resisted the current, held my head high, […]


I want to call you up and hear you say everything’ll be alright; despite my plight, aside from the evils I face; the heartache I see coming, you’ll tell me, baby, it’s alright I’ here tonight. But tonight, you’re not there and instead, here I am battling today, and tomorrow without you here to hold […]

Take Me Away

It’s coming; the day looming an impending date in the calendar; days pass, although nights linger I wake with anticipation struggle though the days longing for relief of a nights sleep, which fails to arrive. I’m left wanting; with each day an impending desire, it’s building, it’s burning, it’s roaring as the days pass, I […]


If these words leave my head and permanently ink the page I write upon I fear my descent the pulling tide, the enormous waves which sweep my feet further off the ground till only tip toes, touch the sand Darkness mixed within light drags me down, it pulls me under; I struggle to the surface, […]