Entirely Yours

Sometimes I wonder, what would you think, if you knew half of my poems were about you? What would you say? What would you think? To know I’d written love letter equivalents to you? I’ve become familiar with you, I know your cheeky smile, to your serious, contemplating face, to your jokey tones, and your […]

I remember

How’d we get here, to this lonely place where idle chit chat has become the norm and empty jokes about each others lovers are now common place conversations How’d we get here? Don’t you remember, the times we spent over the summer long, lustful conversations taunting each other with promises for tomorrow, all the things […]


How is it possible to lose something, you never had? How is it possible to cry for someone, you didn’t want? How is it possible to feel empty and broken, when I didn’t want him anyway? Why do I lie awake at night, and feel a part of me is missing? Why do I cry […]