As the stars twinkle the birds settle for the night, while the storm gently rattles my old fashioned window panes; still I lie here, silent as the dark night, while you dance through my mind over, and over and over again. I watch as you grasp my hand touch my cheek, caress my lips with […]

I’ve written thousands of words, marked these pages, wept over the ink flowing from my pen, poured my heart out, all for you. Yet you’ve moved on, your heart captured by another left me standing still in time, longing for you, as the day I first met you and basked in your warm eyes. Denied […]

It’s Burning

Do you know, how close you are, to tearing down my barriers, I’m standing here, silently begging, uncover me, release me, renew me. I’m silently screaming out loud, hold me, just, hold me, please take me in your arms have me, now, kiss me, like nobody’s looking, stop making me wait, don’t make me wonder, […]