I’ve got this faint
but persistent little feeling
and with each day it grows
a thorn in my side
I can’t quite forget

You’ve taken me by surprise
interrupted my life
with your delicious laugh
and the sweet sound of your voice
rugged and caring all wrapped into one
engulfing me into your arms, with nothing but your silky tongue
and I am already lost
if not for your engulfing eyes
wrapped in kindness and a special sense of allure
I find myself caught in your eyes
hours after you’ve departed

It could have been a century
since I last laid eyes on you
I cannot recall another time
I’ve counted the days down, as I have with you
and felt as if four days, were a century…

There’s something about you
I just can’t kick
You’ve rolled into my life, a non-event
a great edition, but nothing to dwell on
and somehow I am utterly, positively
sinking fast,
wrapped up,
lost to the abyss
head over heals
and every other cheesy line

falling head fast
for you.

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