They dance around each other,
a touch of the arm,
grazing of legs under the table,
a brush of fingertips,
unbearably taunting–

The air fueled with desire,
with temptation,
with an emotion nobody has named,
and finally it ends–

Words fade into the distance,
glances turn to gazes,
brushing of fingertips turn to
moments, seconds, minutes
and at last;

they press themselves together
melting together,
hands no longer linger,
pressed against one another
roaming, discovering every crease,
every groove, every muscle, every scar;

Lips delicately tuned into their beat,
tongues roam, gently then fiercely,
tangled in a beautiful mess,
hot heavy breathing,
rising chests,
rhythmically moving
to the silent beat they know of;

they break apart, painfully aware
unable to find their tongues
to eloquently word what happened;

they gaze at each other,
as if they have a silent language
they edge closer,
hands link slowly,
it begins again.

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