You crept up on me,
charmed me,
with the softest smiles
and endearing care
I unexpectedly got caught,
though I never meant to,
didn’t think it could happen to me…

But you slipped in,
slowly, and quietly, etched yourself into my skin
deep into my soul,
close to my heart,
swept away by your gentle eyes;
and loving heart.

It was never supposed to happen
and there’s nothing to do
about this heart full of love
I have for you.
But write you this letter,
though you’ll never believe
I wrote it to you.

I want to throw down the towel
and say to you now,
kiss me here, just kiss me once;
don’t think, don’t stop,
hold me like you want to,
show me you care,
grasp my hands, and hold me whole,
kiss me now, kiss me here,
even if there’s no more tomorrow
don’t leave me standing here,
waiting; show me you care.

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