A New Morning

It’s as clear, as the daylight in my eyes
the memory of our time last night
it’s as if I’m lying in your arms
head tucked under your chin
in an awakened, soothing slumber
we lie so still, breathing shallow
but whole and warm
a glow burns within and no regret lingers
despite the surprise, I find myself in.

I’m wrapped up in your strange, unfamiliar,
yet warm and tender arms,
as you gently stroke my shoulder,
warmth radiates from my body
as I awaken, I stir.

Memories of last night chase me
amidst my morning dreams,
chaste kisses and deliriously warm embraces
I clung to you with feaverish need,
not caring to hide my unabashed desire,
and trust in your arms,
to hold me, to take me, to cherish me
to love me fully.

I lie here now, one day on
as I watch the clock tick slowly by,
I know it’s time to move on,
as I slowly clamber out of the cold bed
memories of our sweet, warm morning lingers
bittersweet, and beautiful.

For a moment I wonder,
if you’re thinking of me,
just now, as I am thinking of you,
and our sweet time together,
as we separately brace a new day’s chilly morning
and cooling prospect of nothing more.

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