Love is

Love is a telephone call, even though you’re tired Love is surprising someone with little unexpected gifts. Love is visiting a friend, that’s a little out of your way Love is going to your best friends dinner party, when you’d prefer to stay at home. Love is learning to Scottish reel, even though you’re English. […]

I’m so inlove, with you

I thought I could be emotionally detached a moment; as an uncaring man, one who loves a good fun night and forget it all the next day. But here I am, moments after hours after, days after and all I can think of is being wrapped up in your arms dreaming with you, side by […]

You’re the person I think about first, when I wake up. You’re the person I think about when something small happens. You’re the person I think about, and yearn to talk to, when something important happens. It’s you; the person I dream of, imagine, and think of sharing my life with. You’re the person I […]

So In Love.

How have I been so stupid? How have I missed, that I am utterly in love with you? And the only thing holding me back, is the fear that you won’t love me enough to make me happy, to give me the life that I want, but to also be the person I want, someone […]

For you; N

It feels a little impossible for someone to sweep into your life where, a day before they had not existed… Turn your days upside down your original thoughts of the week the year, what your dreams are what you dream of All topsy turvy nothing makes sense And then it’s all gone and he’s gone […]

Left, loving you.

I love you in my own special way; I love you unlike any other, you make me smile and you fill me whole deeply, from the depths within I adore you unlike any other I know, you make my day a happier time; with smiles I’d otherwise leave unknown I’ll always love you in ways […]

Tumbling Down

Heart in my throat, struggling to breathe flutters in my stomach tension in my hands burning in my soul. Arms raised high above my head leaping off the edge falling, windswept hair tumbling, revolving, through the air I am falling. Catch me, catch me if you can as I burst through the air arms outstretched, […]

A little

I’m a little in love with you; as the silence descends I think of you. Together as we were moments of perfection, when I wished time would stop, so I could be in your arms a little longer. Holding onto you. I think I’ll wait here a little longer, and wrap my arms around myself; […]


It’s beginning, entry titles it’s tingling, the sensation it’s trembling, the earth is shifting we’re moving; the world uplifting my roots buried deep within. I sense the danger zone, flying high above the clouds rocking my inner stability you’ve shaken me, from my boots, to my head; left dazed and surprised. You’ve caught me unaware, […]

It’s like the rising tide, creeping up on you until it’s high above your head and there’s nothing left to do but kick hard, and kick strong. But I’m failing at holding it back the cold dark waters creeping upon me, my pride begs me not to call for you cry out your name, and […]