They dance around each other, a touch of the arm, grazing of legs under the table, a brush of fingertips, unbearably taunting– The air fueled with desire, with temptation, with an emotion nobody has named, and finally it ends– Words fade into the distance, glances turn to gazes, brushing of fingertips turn to moments, seconds, […]

I can see you, lying beside me. I can hear you, your heart’s rhythmical thumping. I can reach out, touch you, caress you, running my fingers over every imperfection. I can taste your delicious scent, tugging at my desires deep within my soul. I can feel you, from the tips of your toes to your […]


I’ve got this faint but persistent little feeling and with each day it grows a thorn in my side I can’t quite forget You’ve taken me by surprise interrupted my life with your delicious laugh and the sweet sound of your voice rugged and caring all wrapped into one engulfing me into your arms, with […]

My darling

Hello, My darling oldest friend I know you and you know me I love you and you love me I know everything about you and you nearly know all of me But today something triggered in me years of built up thoughts untampered with unravelled untouched Thoughts I hadn’t dared entertain feelings I was afraid […]

Love is

Love is a telephone call, even though you’re tired Love is surprising someone with little unexpected gifts. Love is visiting a friend, that’s a little out of your way Love is going to your best friends dinner party, when you’d prefer to stay at home. Love is learning to Scottish reel, even though you’re English. […]

I’m so inlove, with you

I thought I could be emotionally detached a moment; as an uncaring man, one who loves a good fun night and forget it all the next day. But here I am, moments after hours after, days after and all I can think of is being wrapped up in your arms dreaming with you, side by […]

You’re the person I think about first, when I wake up. You’re the person I think about when something small happens. You’re the person I think about, and yearn to talk to, when something important happens. It’s you; the person I dream of, imagine, and think of sharing my life with. You’re the person I […]

So In Love.

How have I been so stupid? How have I missed, that I am utterly in love with you? And the only thing holding me back, is the fear that you won’t love me enough to make me happy, to give me the life that I want, but to also be the person I want, someone […]

For you; N

It feels a little impossible for someone to sweep into your life where, a day before they had not existed… Turn your days upside down your original thoughts of the week the year, what your dreams are what you dream of All topsy turvy nothing makes sense And then it’s all gone and he’s gone […]

Left, loving you.

I love you in my own special way; I love you unlike any other, you make me smile and you fill me whole deeply, from the depths within I adore you unlike any other I know, you make my day a happier time; with smiles I’d otherwise leave unknown I’ll always love you in ways […]