Entirely Yours

Sometimes I wonder, what would you think, if you knew half of my poems were about you?

What would you say? What would you think? To know I’d written love letter equivalents to you?

I’ve become familiar with you, I know your cheeky smile, to your serious, contemplating face, to your jokey tones, and your lustful requests.

Slowly but surely I’ve come to know you, slowly but surely, inside and out.

I went from being cautious, timid and tentative… to giving you my whole heart; unwillingly, I gave myself to you. All but my body, I gave you my soul. Trusted you with my heart, without realising you had it anyway.

With your sweet, gentle smile, and tender care, you captured my heart, willing or not, I was gone. Swept away in your eyes, and remarkable kindness – I was gone, I was finished — I was yours.

But, I don’t think you know – how you swept me away. Unknowingly, you caught me, and though I resisted, I stand here – naked, head to toe, soul through and through, and I know, if you call, I am yours.

I am yours, I’ll always be yours, through the rough storms and swell-rough seas, I’ll stand tall and proudly say; I’m yours.

Even if you don’t know you’ve got me, I’m yours.

I’ll be yours until I am no longer me, where I’ll find you in heaven.

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