For you; N

It feels a little impossible
for someone to sweep into your life
where, a day before
they had not existed…

Turn your days upside down
your original thoughts of the week
the year,
what your dreams are
what you dream of

All topsy turvy
nothing makes sense

And then it’s all gone
and he’s gone
as if it never happened

Only from the memories
and the few I told
do I know; it really happened

And if I’m in doubt of that
there’s the gaping loss in my heart
because without a thought
no calculated meaning
I fell in love.

And people talk of this,
beautiful love
which I dreamed of
this, boundless, endless love
not entirely forgiving
notwithstanding criticism
not rose-coloured,
but openly honest

Love for the way we are together
for the way we make each other feel
for the moments, for the spark
for the support and connection
for the passion
all without intention;
love fell upon me.

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