I Know

I know it’s not my right,
turned that down, the day I said no,
but the longing doesn’t stop,
my feelings won’t go away as quickly
as the time it took to walk out your door
and walked into the distance.

You’ll tell me it’s not my right
to yearn for your arms,
feel your soft lips upon mine
to escapeĀ in your strong embrace
pretend I’m somewhere safe,
instead of the hell I find myself in.

I know you’re right,
you can’t be mine,
not today, nor tomorrow
I lost all the rights I had
to run into your arms
and hold you throughout time

But the longing won’t stop
the burning won’t simmer
the desire lingers always,
without chiling waters,
I am ablaze, wanting of you
knowing I’m lost to this
emptiness pit, I can’t escape.

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