I want to call you up
and hear you say
everything’ll be alright;
despite my plight,
aside from the evils I face;
the heartache I see coming,
you’ll tell me,
baby, it’s alright
I’ here tonight.

But tonight, you’re not there
and instead, here I am
battling today, and tomorrow
without you here
to hold my hand,
and soothe me so.

So I stand, oh so tall,
my head held high,
I struggle through it all
I’ll battle the demons
showing up at my door,
I’ll show you, I can do it
because I know in spirit
you’re right by me now
holding my hand,
strengthening my soul.

You are my knight,
and I love you more
than I have words;
I can stand tall
I’ll do it all.

Last bit possibly should be removed…

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