Love is

Love is a telephone call,
even though you’re tired

Love is surprising someone with
little unexpected gifts.

Love is visiting a friend,
that’s a little out of your way

Love is going to your best friends dinner party,
when you’d prefer to stay at home.

Love is learning to Scottish reel,
even though you’re English.

Love is putting fake tan on,
so he thinks you’re gorgeous.

Love is putting on aftershave, so she thinks
you’re delicious.

Love is laughing until your tummy hurts.

Love is endless cooking,
but always with a smile.

Love is dancing in the kitchen.

Love is lighting the candles.

Love is diving into the sea
even when it’s cold

Love is running them a hot bath.

Love is that gentle hand on your shoulder.

Love is yes to someone’s spontaneity

Love is learning their sport.

Love is gripping tight
On the back of the motorbike

Love is sharing the pudding.

Love is opening the car door for her.

Love is walking on the outside of the pavement.

Love is letting them win
Even though you could thrash them

Love is an extra hug
just because you can.

Love is a cheeky wink across the room.

Love is asking, “how are you”
and waiting an extra beat, for their reply.

Love is picking her up and spinning her around
in your arms.

Love is putting on lipstick.

Love is leaving a note in their umbrella.

Love is stringing celery sticks
even though it’s not for you

Love is leaving something a little better
than you found it.

Love is catching their eye.

Love is singing in the shower.

Love is being the first to say “hello”

Love is learning three clean jokes.

Love is wearing polished shoes.

Love is dancing the Waltz
so you hold them in your arms.

Love is running to the dance floor
for the first dance.

Love is in a smile.

Love is the hard graft.

Love is a daily practice

Love is being kinder than necessary.

Love is saying I love you,
and all the lovely things you think.

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