Make me a Pirate

Darling, my dearest darling
there is comfort in misery
shining armour for you
saving the day
rescuing the world from
cowboys and pirates
ships lost and found
you are my saviour

Darling, my dearest darling
there is love in the way you operate
gallant and beautiful, rugged and robust
in your arms, with your might, nothing is lost
except my soul in your eyes
there is overpowering triumph.

Darling, my dearest darling
powerful and steely, the way you operate
blows my mind; steeliness and steadfastness
steady as a rock; you are
despite a new dawn, you are triumphant
gallant and bold; you are amazing.

Darling, my dearest darling
your arms are what I long for
the memory of them brings tingles to my core
and shivers down my spine
your lips are tempting
but spending time with you is
overpowering; I am lost at sea
pray; make me a pirate,
so you can capture me
and wrap me up in your hold
without an escape.

Darling, my dearest darling
if I have to be a pirate
so you’ll capture me
and hold onto me tightly,
I will be
your feisty pirate;
come and challenge me.

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