My darling

My darling oldest friend
I know you and you know me
I love you and you love me
I know everything about you
and you nearly know all of me

But today something triggered in me
years of built up thoughts
untampered with

Thoughts I hadn’t dared entertain
feelings I was afraid to stir
desires I hushed within

But today something triggered in me
enough; it was too much
and I let go, and I leaped
I bounded over the lines we drew
without knowledge

And I plunged deep into your eyes
deep into your arms
deep into your essence
tangled with your lips
in your arms, around your body
entwined within your legs

A new dawn and I am shakily unsure
of how to continue as we once did
how our path will settle
how to survive without your loving words of
I am so in love with you;
and the unbelievable love
and comfort I feel
with you.

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